Loopmasters Classic Classic House Sounds 音色素材 英文版(DVD一片裝)

軟體名稱:Loopmasters Classic Classic House Sounds 音色素材 英文版(DVD一片裝)
系統支援:Windows 7/XP/Vista


Loopmasters Label Series continues its journey with a brand new sample 
collection from a very well known and respected label in the Dance Industry 
– Classic Records.  

Created by Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon back in the day – and now co-run 
with Justin Harris of Freaks Fame – Classic House is a journey from past to 
present and explores both where the Classic sound has come from alongside a 
collection of sounds which represent their current studio resurgence! 

This exclusive sample pack has been produced by Justin Harris and includes 
royalty free loops from both Luke and Derrick, guaranteeing a true sonic 
reflection of the House flavours, beats and samples that have been used time 
and again by the label in hit dance tunes over the last decade, and now for 
the first time available royalty free to house producers worldwide.

Contained on this unique collection you will find over 750Mb of content 
including 60+ Bass Loops, 145 Drum loops, 23 Music Loops, 18 Pads, 26 String 
Parts, FX loops , 22 Synth sounds, 30 Vocal Loops and Hits, 500+ Single Drum 
Samples, 100+ FX hits, plus 28 ready to play patches of Drum Kits, Basses, 
Synths and FX for popular soft samplers.

If you are a house producer looking to find some of the core samples and 
sounds from one of the most celebrated labels in Dance Music, the Classic 
House sample pack is a treasure vault of old and newskool samples which are 
all previously unreleased. Give your productions that authentic classic house