Bunker 8 Digital Labs Caddy Traps 音色素材 英文正式版(DVD一片裝)

軟體名稱:Bunker 8 Digital Labs Caddy Traps 音色素材 英文正式版(DVD一片裝)
系統支援:For Windows XP/Vista/7

'Caddy Traps' is a new Hip-Hop loop library produced by Bunker 8 Digital Labs.

Influenced by a wide variety of sounds from retro E-piano jazz grooves to rough 
orchestral stings, this is a library that will be sure to inspire the Hip-Hop 

The package contains 17 boppin' tracks.

These sounds are influenced by artists such as Noah 40, Drake, Waka Flocka, 
Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, 2 Chainz, Lil' Wayne, French Montana, and many others.

Product Details:

• Includes 506 Audio Files 

• 253 Acidized WAV Files 

• 253 Apple Loops AIF Files 

• 17 Professionally mixed tracks 

• 3.56 GB of maxed out content Mixed and mastered using Neve, UAD and other technologies.

About the Construction Kits:

All 17 construction kits have been carefully edited and sample edited so that each loop is 
completely seamless and will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development you happen to choose.

Bunker 8 have been developing sample content for over 18 years; they have provided industry 
leading content to the best producers, soundtrack composers, video game audio specialists 
and composers in the industry.

Each construction kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops, the whole cross platform 
package. These construction kits are exploding in all directions with dance production 

Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you 
to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

In addition, Bunker 8 included MIDI loops of all parts in each of the construction kits. 

These are set up as a complete MIDI file with the total arrangement setup, ready to be dropped 
into your sequencer at a moment's notice!

Bunker 8 uses proprietary sample looping technology so that each cycle of either format seams 
perfectly throughout your jams.

That means you can stretch these loops really far with limited or no digital artifacts.

Greatest Quality Assured:

These kits have been made by the same world famous producers who brought you "Hitzone 1, 2, 3", 
"Hybridizer ○1, 2, 3," "101 Below," etc. It’s like having Sigmund Droid and Ruptured Surround 
Sound right with you at the controls.